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Not all accidents are created equal.                                                                        

In the case of truck and commercial vehicle wrecks, victims must face a host of contending parties: drivers, trucking firms, trailer companies, and often more. It can be intimidating and overwhelming for those who don’t have the knowledge and capability to adequately defend themselves.

It takes not only know-how and experience but also considerable resources and assistance to strategize, conduct research, develop a convincing case, and prove it in a courtroom so those who have wronged others don’t get away with it and those who have been harmed get justice and a fair settlement.

Here’s how Witherite has helped our truck victims in the past:

Witherite has specialized staff and resources

Witherite’s greatest corporate asset is our exceptional collection of legal experts. An entire team of support personnel, case managers, and accomplished attorneys with impressive levels of truck accident experience and complementary skills to give our clients the best chance of winning their cases.

We haven’t been as successful as we’ve been in more than 20 years by being satisfied with what we’ve accomplished. We’re constantly adding quality, quantity, and value to our expanding family. Outside resources and industry partners all help us make the best team possible.

Witherite knows the trucking industry well

Truck accidents have many causes: driver negligence, poor driving conditions, alcohol/drug abuse, inadequate maintenance, and poor dispatch rules and guidelines. Witherite’s unique familiarity with all these variables makes us infinitely more capable of determining liability and proving it legally.

Witherite also has a clear understanding of the full range of local, state, and federal laws regulations that govern commercial delivery, so we know the pressures drivers face. We also know how to work smoothly and effectively with the numerous parties involved to wade through the paperwork and process and get results.

Witherite has hands-on experience

Witherite does whatever it takes to be the most prepared, most knowledgeable, and most savvy truck wreck lawyers in the industry. So, we don’t just know about truck wrecks, we have hands-on experience and know what it’s like to be “in the cab” and “talk their language.”

That’s why we undergo special training, like taking our staff to an internationally recognized truck driving and safety school where we receive actual experience driving trucks, learning the demands and requirements of the job, and experiencing the trucking world first-hand so best represent our clients.

Witherite has proven results

It’s one thing to have knowledge and experience and it’s another to have exceptional resources, but the most important measurement of the effectiveness of a law firm is the results they produce. Witherite truck wreck lawyers have won thousands of cases in the last two decades and hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement for our clients. We can do the same for you. That's all you need to know.

Left to their own knowledge and abilities, truck accident victims are faced with a maze of complicated processes and powerful companies who have considerably more time, training, familiarity, and assets. But with a knowledgeable and seasoned law firm on their side, victims don’t have to be overwhelmed and bullied. They can fight back, get the compensation they deserve, and restore their lives to normal.

With Witherite, you’re not just hiring a truck accident lawyer, you’re joining a successful team. If you're in a truck wreck, call the truck accident lawyers at 1-800-TruckWreck.

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